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Dee.Monash is a brand for women made by a woman. The brand provides a perfect fusion of contemporary high-end fashion with sober and everyday style. Our designs make every woman feel beautiful in their own skin.

Our outfits focus on every girl’s inner Diva who loves to express herself with fashion, colors, and styles. We proffer for ‘The Women of Today’ who is bold, fierce, ambitious, beautiful, sweet, powerful, funky, successful, crazy, adventurous, or everything she wants to be. 

 Dee Monash is a brand made for every woman belonging to every color, every size, and every shape. We help you express yourself through colors, clothes, and attire. We are just a way of making ‘you being you’ possible.



You can often find Manisha Perwani, the founder of Dee.Monash, with her headsets on, sitting on her desk and scrambling for something in her notebook. With the idea of making every woman feel beautiful and bringing her inner Diva out, she makes her designs inspired by flowers, colors, old-school music, and poetry. 

She completed her education at Pearl Academy of Fashion and worked with several renowned designers for 6 years. And now, she uses this experience and her creativity to produce ethereal designs.She is old-school and loves to make everything around her aesthetically pleasing. Because she knows how to bring the beauty out of everything, even if it’s a simple fabric, and that’s why she started Dee.Monash